LADIES, NO MAN WITH A JOB IS UGLY :KULI ROBERTS | MY FRIEND was livid, swearing and hurling crockery.


I tried to look busy to avoid commenting on her mood. She was angry because she’d recently been dumped. And what enrages her is her claim – that she was doing him a favour in the first place!

She says her ex is ugly, unattractive. She has dated hot men and been cheated on, so she thought she might as well date an ugly guy. She thought since he’s painful to look at, she’d have him to herself, for life.

“You know I’m pretty hot and can date anyone, so being dumped by Shrek hurts. Who knew ugly men cheat too?”

She sobbed: “I met him stuttering in the library and figured to do some good for the world. By being less shallow and giving him popularity by dating him.

“But now I’m single,” she wailed, before calling someone’s husband for compliments and validation.

Wow! She’s crazy. Ladies, no man is ugly, especially if he has a job.

Going around telling your friends you are doing an“unattractive” man a favour by dating him, just shows how unattractive you are. There’s much more to a man than looks. Let me tell you a bit more about men: Like you, they talk a lot and discuss your sx life at length and in detail with their mates.

So be actively involved and wow him!) Get sxy underwear this festive season.) Men want to be enticed and excited, so get some pon. Remember, your husband isn’t your sibling, so ride him often!) Do things together.)

Agree with him when he says his pnis is huge. Be enthusiastic. Men are like kids, they like showing off.) Have your own cash, as men hate leeches and appreciate being looked after too.) Be around your man when you’re out at a party and refrain from being all over other men.)

Your b-grabbing male friends will never be appreciated by your man, until they show respect.) Your man doesn’t appreciate you kissing other men on the lips. Shaking hands is unhygienic, just wave.) He expects to spend quality time with you, so balance.

If it’s a bore to be wasting time with him, when all you want is to be drinking with your girlfriends, there’s a solution. Show him commitment – or set him free. Look ladies, there are simply not enough good men in the whole of beautiful Mzansi to keep us happy and

And there’s no such a thing as an unattractive man.Remember, it’s December, and the thirst is real!

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