MUGABE’S FOES TAKE AIM | ZIMBABWE’S opposition parties are edging closer to a grand coalition.


They plan to dislodge President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF in the 2018 watershed elections.Former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai lifted the veil of secrecy around the talks when he confirmed discussions were at an advanced stage with Joice Mujuru – Mugabe’s sacked deputy.

The duo leads the Movement for Democratic Change and Zimbabwe People First respectively.Tsvangirai was denounced for not participating in the liberation war of the 1970s.

He said a pact with ZimPF, whose leader Mujuru has war credentials, would boost chances of luring disgruntled former freedom fighters in Zanu PF to join the opposition coalition.

Tsvangirai pledged the parties’ commitment to reuniting a country long divided along tribal, racial and political party lines.

“In this regard, we will engage with and seek to enter into an electoral alliance with political parties who share or subscribe to our vision of a society that prides itself on not leaving anyone behind in their pursuit of freedom, prosperity and happiness,” he said.

If they win the poll, the parties said the incoming administration would be guided by a lean and competent, regionally balanced, gender-sensitive and inclusive executive including all alliance partners.

A fractured opposition has been cited as working to Mugabe’s advantage at polls held since independence in 1980.A grand coalition is thus seen as his biggest threat to power. When elections are held he will be aged 94.

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