Is Zoe and Rapulana having a love affair??

In recent interviews, Zoe has always requested that her interviews stick to topics about her career and not her private life and interviewers have respected that request.


However, the public has been quite interested in who she is dating at the moment considering that her ex-fiance, Lebo M has also moved on. She’s been adament about not talking about her relationship status.

Word on the street is that Zoe is dating her Generations cast member, Rapulana Seiphemo and although the two have not confirmed anything, it seems like Zoe is beginning to open up a bit about the man in her life.

Just recently she posted this Man Crush Monday picture of Rapulana, granted, any man in your life can be your #MCM even when you’re not dating, that’s a given.

zoe ru

She then posted a picture of a man with a chiskop laying on her lap with the caption #Sunday and we all know Rapulana has always had a chiskop.

However, there is one particular post that has us convinced that Zoe and Rapulana might be an item.

Zoe took this picture of her bae cooking for her on Mother’s Day, cute right? Cool jersey as well right?


Well, it’s also interesting that Rapulana also has the exact same sweater on this picture as well.


But then again, it could just be a coincidence.

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